Am I Fully Prepared for what Having a Dog Means for our UK Cottage Holiday?

We have done it! After seven years of my girls’ nagging we have relented and bought a puppy! The puppy I am sure will become a much cherished and loved family member. However, am I fully prepared for what having a dog means for our family cottage holidays?


I don’t think the girls (or the puppy) would forgive me if we opted to put the puppy in kennels whilst we went on our cottage holiday. So little puppy will be coming with us on our next UK cottage holiday. When completing the cottage holiday wish list I’ve never had to tick the ‘pets’ box before and if I’m honest in the past I’d rather tick ‘no pets’. By ticking the ‘pets’ box I have to ask ‘what am I letting myself in for?’



dog friendly cottage holidays
I’m very cute- please can I come on holiday with you?!



Firstly, we have to get to the holiday cottage. I already have to allow for the girls’ toileting requirements, now I have to think about a dog’s too! I guess a dog, like the girls, will also require snacks, drinks, rest stops and a run around! This seems to me like having another child (albeit hairier, with four legs) to have to consider!


Then there is the holiday cottage itself. When I think of ‘dog friendly’ I wonder will the cottage furniture have scratch marks, be a bit chewed in places, will we find stray dog hairs, will it smell of dog and finally, but worst of all, will we find dog poo in the garden?!


Also to consider are days out on the holiday. We will now have to research if dogs will be allowed when we plan our days out. For example, lots of beaches only permit dogs at certain times of the year- times of the year when we are less likely to be on a holiday.


In order to quell my fears I have done a quick search on the internet to find out what exactly a UK dog friendly holiday cottage looks like. My initial search didn’t do a lot to help! The first holiday cottage I came across claiming to be dog friendly stipulated said dog was not allowed upstairs, on the furniture, to be left alone at any time in the cottage and has to be kept on a lead around the cottage. That doesn’t seem to be dog friendly to me that seems to be more dog tolerant.


dog friendly cottage holidays
It’s hard work being a puppy!



Eeek! After a slight panic and more searching I am pleased to say that I have found a fantastic website for families who want to include their much loved dog in their family holiday. The website lists with the holiday cottage, dog friendly walks and pubs nearby. The dog gets to stay for free and you get a free pet travel kit. The interiors of the listed cottages are absolutely stunning- not a stick of chewed furniture in sight! On another website I found a whole list of dog friendly days out and walks.

Phew! Perhaps cottage holidaying with a dog won’t be difficult after all. I shall let you know how we get on with our next UK Cottage holiday with a dog.


Any tips for going away with a dog? Please do share with us, or let lavender Street find you the perfect UK dog friendly cottage!



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