Quirks of the UK Holiday Cottage

I’ve been lucky enough to stay in dozens of UK holiday cottages. Big cottages, cosy cottages, Olde Worlde cottages and modern cottages. Yes, I have stayed in a huge variety of UK holiday cottages but they all have little quirks in common!


The Dishwasher

Why is it that practically every dishwasher in the cottages I have stayed in, requires either rinse aid, salt or both?



Where's the salt?



The knives

You go to chop some vegetables and lo and behold can you find a sharp knife? No!



Will these knives be sharp enough?


Random Food Items Found in the Cupboards

Open a cupboard door and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find some odd spices, cooking oil or salt and pepper. You never quite dare use them for fear of how old they are…



How long have they been in the cupboard?


Hand towels


A particular bugbear of mine! Why does everyone in the holiday cottage get provided with his or her own hand towel? Do we all need our own hand towel? I think not! I, personally, think it would be much better if we were provided with a bath sheet each and medium sized towel, the sort of size you can wrap around your head. I can’t get a hand towel around my head- maybe I just have a big head!



Where's the big towel?


The Essential Missing Kitchen Item

This varies from holiday cottage to holiday cottage. We have been missing a colander before (something I would class as essential). It’s also unusual to find weighing scales.



Where are the scales?


What quirks have you noticed about UK Holiday cottages? We’d love to hear from you!


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