How a day out on your UK cottage holiday can go so wrong!

We are on a cottage holiday in the beautiful Peak District and the day is looking promising and it could be the hottest day of the year so far. We had a walk all planned by my husband to Stanage Edge and Higger Tor. The picnic is loaded up again and the boys are ready to go.


Walk Stanage Edge Peak District
View from Stanage Edge


























We drive through stunning scenery which always looks better with a blue sky and sunshine and arrive at our car park. We only get there to discover that it is a pay and display car park and guess what? Yep we have no cash. Anyone from Ely will know that we are not used to paying for car parks! So we head off in the car again to find the nearest shop to get some change. Unfortunately we drive in the wrong direction and do not find any civilisation until we hit the suburbs of Sheffield and then there are lots of road closures due to a half marathon – arrgghh things are now getting very tense in the car!
We finally find a shop and we’re returning back to the car park. As you can imagine blood pressures are rising in the car. The boys must sense this as they are keeping remarkably quiet! I’m just silently hoping that on such a busy day that we get parked.
Phew back at the car park and I’m feeling smug that we got the last car parking space but my mood quickly changes when I reach the machine and it says ‘CARD ONLY’!!!! I could have cried or kicked the machine.
However, trying to forget about the last half hour we get all ready with walking boots and back packs on. Then hubby looks at the walk book and looks very puzzled and then looks very concerned and then announces that we are in the wrong car park. Noooooo!! It’s at this point that you really could have a tantrum or break down and cry and that is just me!
However, we will not be defeated and pile back in to the car and the family who ended up with our parking space and ticket were very happy! After consulting with the ice cream van man we set off looking for our car park. The scenery becomes more stunning yet rugged as we go further in to the Dark Peaks and after trying 2 further car parks we find ours – what a relief. There is no space in it but we manage to squeeze on to a grass verge. Hubby is a little worried about leaving his car there!
We get all of our kit back on and start plodding. There are some amazing rock formations ahead and as it is now so close to lunch we stop and have our picnic there. We haven’t exactly moved far from the car! The views are stunning from our picnic spot and on the plus side our packs will be lighter for the rest of the walk!

Stanage Edge walk Peak District
Let’s hope they can hold the rock up!




























The walk takes us up an escarpment which makes my height-phobic husband very nervous as the boys are and drawn to the cliff edge! You really do feel like you are on top of the world

Stanage Edge walk
Harry is on top of the world!


















The sky is bright blue and full of colourful paragliders which are fascinating to watch. The escarpment is very popular with groups of rock climbers. We get the chance to climb down the cliff edge to check out Robin Hood’s cave which was exciting for the boys and where iphone torches come in very handy!

Stanage Edge walk
Time for a rest




There is a trig point along the way and you have to jump across a gap in the rocks to reach it. Which my brave 7 year old did!

Stanage Edge Trig Point
Brave Harry at the Trig point



























We head back to the car and the boys’ faces light up again as there is an ice cream van in the car park. At least the day ended better than it started!

Stanage Edge walk
Well deserved ice cream!







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