Frequently Asked Questions

How do I commission you to find me a UK holiday cottage?

Simple – just fill in your wish list on our website and once we receive your payment we will start searching for your ideal cottage tailored to your specific needs.

Why is there a pricing scale for your service?

The availability of larger holiday cottages in Norfolk, Suffolk and across the rest of the UK is more restricted. Therefore, it takes more time to find a cottage for a bigger group of people. Also, the more people there are in the group, generally, means more requirements. This means more time searching for the perfect UK holiday cottage to suit everybody’s needs.

Do you receive commission from any of the cottage companies?

Absolutely not! Lavender Street Ltd is an independent company. Thus, this gives us the freedom to be completely unbiased and impartial in your tailor-made holiday cottage search.

What if I don’t like any of the cottage options you have sent me?

We would discuss your specification and requirements further with you, and if necessary, come up with some more options for you. It is very important to us that we find the perfect UK holiday cottage for you!

Why do you give three cottage options?

If we gave you six or seven it would become information overload! By giving you the three best options that suit your individual needs you will be receiving a tailor-made service.

Do you finalise the cottage booking for us?

If you are ready to book your perfect UK holiday cottage we will ask the company, where possible, to hold the booking for 48 hours to allow you time to complete the booking. The contract will be between you and the cottage owners. Please see our Terms and Conditions.