Family Walk in the Peak District

Youlgreave and the River Lathkill

It is day 1 of our holiday in the Peak District and the sun is shining and we’re ready and raring for our first walk. We’re going to head out on a 4.5 mile walk so the first of many picnics is required.




Picnic on holiday
Picnic Supplies




As we’ve said previously the first picnic of the holiday is always the best but by the end of the week we’ll be sick of pork products!

It’s an unpredictable time of the year for the weather and the hardest decision of the day is how many layers we each need because there is nothing worse than sweating and having to carry a family’s worth of coats. After a very lengthy discussion we’re going to risk not taking the coats – shock horror! Instead we’re packing sun cream and sun hats. I just hope we’ve made the right decision.








After a beautiful drive through The Peaks we arrive at our starting point at the White Peak village of Youlgreave. As soon as you leave the village you follow the river bank of the River Bradford. The boys were finally let loose and could run and shout as much as they liked. They were fascinated to hear that trout can be found in the river. However, sadly we didn’t spot any. They most probably heard the boys coming!




Pooh Sticks Peak District
Pooh Stick Fun!




There were plenty of bridges along the way to play Pooh Sticks to the delight of the boys. There were also lots of different gates and stiles to navigate and passwords to be guessed to be allowed through. The boys are just like dogs constantly running, picking up sticks and waiting for us to catch up.
The walk book promised a popular picnicking area on the north bank of the River Hathkill. Getting to that point of the walk took a bit longer then what the boys and I wanted – we were starved. However, it really was a lovely spot with a pair of swans swimming nearby. Our only worry was one of the boys falling in but thankfully that didn’t happen.



picnic in Peak District
Picnic by the River



After a welcome break and a big lunch we were ready to continue and had to cross a cow field with the cows eyeing us up. We also had to cross the farmyard which makes us very nervous due to a previous encounter with a mad 3 legged dog!
The boys started to moan a bit by the end but the promise of an ice cream got them to the end. We were all hot and thankfully made the right decision about the coats. We stopped and had a cold drink in a pub in Youlgreave. We then headed to Bakewell and had well-deserved ice creams.

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