Family fun in Northumberland

As the Summer holiday is coming to an end it’s nice to sit and reminisce about our lovely cottage holiday in Northumberland. As some of you know we try and get up to Northumberland once a year as it is one of our most favourite places in the UK. As soon as we cross in to the county the views are never ending.


Northumberland view
Northumberland view.

Here are a few of our favourite things to do in Northumberland revisited.

Cocklawburn Beach at Scremerston
We always holiday close to our favourite beach, Cocklawburn, and what ever the weather we’ll head their on the first day to check it out. As the kids get older it becomes even more enjoyable as they become more adventurous. This year they were body boarding in the sea.


Cocklawburn beach
Cocklawburn Beach

When the tide goes out you are left with beautiful clear rock pools teeming with life. The boys armed with nets and buckets are kept amused for hours. The shrieks of excitement can be heard when a crab has been found hiding under a rock.

Rock pooling
What have they found?!


We also visited a new beach this year called Embleton Bay which one Countryfile beach of the year. Yet another hidden gem that we hadn’t visited before! The stunning view of the ruins of Dunstanburgh castle loom on the cliffs behind the bay. The bay is sandy and rock pools can be found on the beach. It truly was a hidden gem which we’ll be returning to on future visits.

Embleton bay
Embleton Bay


You can not visit Northumberland without walking in the hills and every year as the boys get older and stronger we can be more adventurous. The boys managed a 5 mile walk in The Cheviot Hills and reached the peak of The Schill on The Pennine Way. There was a lot of huffing and puffing going up (and that was just me!) but we renamed our 5 year old the mountain goat as he just plodded and chatted the whole way up. They loved popping in to Scotland when we reached the top! The Schill was a volcano about 300 million years ago and we stood in the crater!

Northumberland The Schill
Conquering The Schill


I have to finish this blog with another favourite holiday past time and that is eating! We discovered a fantastic cafe called Saltwater Cafe in Beadnell. This was a fantastic find and we managed to visit it twice for brunch and were not disappointed. The breakfasts were amazing and kept us going all day.




Saltwater cafe Beadnell bay.
Saltwater Cafe Beadnell bay.

Don’t forget, Lavender Street can find you a fantastic holiday cottage in Northumberland!


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